Make a Statement

My initial idea for a painting starts with a feeling—happy, free, excited, stressed, sad. My paintings reflect a variety of feelings, as daily life has a strong impact on my art. My emotions are deeply entwined in my paintings, and my best work is created when I am emotionally attached.

As my work reflects a wide range of emotions, I experiment with a variety of styles: free flowing images with alcohol ink when I feel unrestricted, structured images with palette knives and acrylic when I become more tense, and intentional images with brushes when I need to take control.

Through my work, you will see the very real and normal range of emotions that we all feel. I paint when I’m happy and I paint when I’m sad. I paint my favorite subjects and I paint subjects that incite a less favorable emotion. My work is real, and most importantly, it is fully me.

Thank you for viewing my page, and hopefully my work stirs an emotion in you as well.